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 2012, 2013 & 2014 Essex Air Ambulance

Essex Air Ambulance is a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS); providing a free life-saving service for Essex and surrounding areas. Specialist Doctors and Ambulance Service Paramedics can be rushed to the scene of an incident with life-saving support equipment and the patient, following assessment, will be flown to an appropriate hospital. Unlike other NHS emergency services Essex Air Ambulance is a charity relying solely upon the generosity and goodwill of the people and businesses of Essex to remain operational and saving lives.

Essex Air Ambulance


 2010 & 2011 Teenage Cancer Trust

We know how damaging it is to take a young person away from their everyday life, their friends, their environment, their family – and put them in a cancer ward with small children or older people.

Young people have a much better chance in their fight against cancer if they are treated by teenage cancer experts, in an environment tailored to their needs. So we’re working every day to make that happen.

We don’t believe that teenagers should have to stop being teenagers, just because they have cancer. So we fund and build specialist units for young people in NHS hospitals. Our units bring teenagers with cancer together with loads of new friends of their own age so they can support each other.

TCT Girl


Alongside all of this is a medical team of teenage cancer specialists who pool knowledge to create a body of expertise that’s second to none. They’re backed up by our Nurse Consultants who provide clinical care, develop research, deliver professional education and ensure that standards remain as high as possible.

Teenage Cancer Trust units aren’t like ordinary cancer wards. Everything about them has been designed to give teenagers the very best chance of a positive outcome. We want every young person with cancer in this country to have that chance.

 Our Aim

We estimate that with the units we currently have around the UK, half of the teenagers diagnosed with cancer now have access to this dedicated, specialist support. Our aim is to build enough units so that by 2012, every teenager in the UK will be treated on one.

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 2009 Marie Curie Cancer Care

Help Marie Curie Nurses provide more care at home for local cancer patients.

Marie Curie

Heather is one of 61 Marie Curie Nurses in Essex providing a free nursing
service for people who want to be cared for at home at the end of their lives.

She and her colleagues have never been busier and that’s why Marie
Curie Cancer Care needs to fund more local nurses like Heather. Last year,
Marie Curie Nurses provided more than 34,000 hours of nursing care in Essex, providing care for almost 900 terminally ill people.

These numbers are expected to keep rising as demand for the Marie Curie Nursing Service grows. The charity needs to raise at least £450,000 over the
next 12 months to continue providing the service in Essex which is why they’ve launched their first ever local nursing service.

With your support they can ensure that Essex has all the Heathers it needs. for more information.

The nursing service is free of charge to every patient and family but every hour of Marie Curie Nursing costs the charity £20 to provide. We cared for nearly 900 people in Essex last year but for every family we help there is another that we can’t. We’re anticipating that the Nursing Service in Essex will cost the charity at least £450,000 to run over the next year and funds raised from events such as these will help us to fund this.