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They are to help to encourage club members to set themselves a goal target time, regardless of ability, no matter what age.

There are four standards, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.

The standards are based on age related times (these have been calculated by the World Association of Veteran Athletes) and you have probably seen them quoted on your Park Run finishing time.

 What distances are included within the Club Standards?

 parkrun, 5Km, 5 miles, 10Km, 10 miles, Half Marathon, 15 miles,  20 Miles and Marathon.

What times do I need to achieve to reach each standard?

 Times are set out in the links below.

What races count towards a standard?

 Road Races and park runs including events abroad as long as they are sanctioned by a recognized athletic body.

What will I receive on achieving a club standard?

 We will recognize club members reaching a standard in various ways:-

  • You will receive a congratulatory  email every time you achieve a new standard;
  • Each month an email will be sent out to all participating members summarising activity across the whole club;
  • There will be a regularly updated table on the Club Website showing the standards each participating member has achieved.

 How long do I have to achieve the standards?

Standards are set in 5 yearly age bands and once you have achieved 5 out of the 9 standards within your age group, you will receive an award (medal or plaque) to celebrate your achievement.  Standards are only reset when you move into a new age category so you do not have to achieve five for an award in a twelve month period. You have all the time that you are in that particular age category.

A club member can achieve different award categories during the five year age bands but if you receive a Silver award first you cannot subsequently claim a bronze award. Only one award (medal or plaque) at each level (Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze) will be awarded during the 5 year period.. When you move into a new age group, then you start from scratch again..

The only exception to this is in the Open category where because there is a wider age band we will automatically reset awards every 5 years (unless there is less than a year to go before the club member moves up to the next age band).

If I’m not sure, about everything about this scheme who shall I talk to?

 The scheme is managed by Malcolm Bailey and Paul Dellar.

Contact email address is: – [email protected]

Ladies Club Standards

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