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Coaching set-up at Tiptree Road Runners

Tiptree Road Runners follows the England Athletic coaching structure and currently has up to four groups of different ability levels at our Tuesday evening training session. Each group has a Team Leader. The groups cater for runners from Foundation and Development to Event standard.

The groups are shown below at average race pace for 5 miles, but will generally run somewhere between the middle and the end of the pace shown during training sessions. When members reach the top end of the group they are encouraged to move up into the next group, but are free to move up or down groups at any time due to fitness levels or training requirements.

Group 1 ‘Hares’ Event Group, 5.30 – 6.45 min pace per mile

Group 2 ‘Hares’ Development & Event Group, 6.30 – 8 min pace per mile

Group 3 ‘Foxes’ Development & Event Group, 7.45 – 9 min pace per mile

Group 4 ‘Beagles’ Foundation, Development & Event Group, 9 – 12 pace per mile


  • Paul Mingay, Leader in Running Fitness
  • Paul Dellar,Leader in Running Fitness (in process of obtaining “Coach in Running Fitness”)
  • Phill Clark
  • Mark Lawes, Leader in Running Fitness
  • Mark Shillaker, Leader in Running Fitness
  • Pat Rhodes, Leader in Running Fitness
  • Graeme Moon, Leader in Running Fitness
  • Martin Avent, Leader in Running Fitness
  • Gemma Schelvis, Leader in Running Fitness
  • Malcolm Bailey, Leader in Running Fitness
  • John McVelia
  • Tina Clarke, Leader in Running Fitness Leader (in process of obtaining “Coach in Running Fitness”)

Please get in touch with our coaches here if you have any questions.